Design, fittings and customisation

Normal stand: size 12 m2 (4 m wide x 3 m deep). Small stand size 9 m2 (3 m wide and 3 m deep).

Open corner stand: All open corner stands are 4X3 m at the ends of each block (except for those on the perimeter rows which are 3X3 m) and have two open sides.

Shared stands: Should the floor space of a whole stand be too much, exhibitors may apply to share their stand with another exhibitor. In this case, each exhibitor will keep their own identity and customisation. All shared stands split the available floor space into half so each exhibitor has half the floor space of a whole stand.
Each section (half stand) is provided with:
1 table size 130 x 65cm, 3 chairs,
1 2-door cupboard size 100x50 H. 80/100 cm and 1 sign showing the name of the exhibitor

Walls: The rear walls of normal stands consist of 4 panels, 100 x 250 cm.
The side walls consist of 3 panels, 100 x 250 cm.
We recommend the following measurements for exhibitors intending to use customised canvases:
Rear wall (Standard) L 396 cm X H 250 cm396 x h.250 cm
Side wall l.296 x h.250 cm

Floor: The floor is covered with class 1 fireproof needle felt carpet.

Identification: Each exhibitor is identified on his stand with sign bearing his chosen name, fitted on the top front upright (max 40 digits).

Customisation: Customisation of the stands is only allowed on the internal walls by means of posters, signs, pictures, etc. to be fitted into position with small nails or double-sided tape.



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